2021 Committee

President: Albie Lionheart

Administrative Vice President: Jordyn Coxhead

Treasurer: Mirjam Mayer

Competitions Officers: Akasha Rio and Vinod Bal

Education and Careers Officers: Patricia Alcartado and Charlotte Mitchell

Social Officer: Christopher Headey

Public Relations Officer: Siobhán McDonald

Health and Wellbeing Officer: Reid McLean

General Officers: Georjah Riley-Huaki and Briana McGuire

2021 AGM Minutes: AGM Minutes 2021

2020 Committee

President: Monika Jarkiewicz

Deputy-President: Rhian (Flick) Peckham

Treasurer: Mathew Harty

Competitions Officers: Jordyn Coxhead and Tish Dixon

Careers and Education Officers: Bolivia Newton and Shiv Gounder

Social Officers: Catherine Grobler and Julian Svadlenak

Public Relations Officer: Marina Roelfs (until May); Jana Stokes and Andrew Walker

General Officer: Raewyn Greenhalgh


2019 Committee

President: Ben Wilkins

Deputy-President: Myles Rollason

Treasurer: Kasey Dillon

Competitions Officers: Bolivia Newton and Tegan Quintal

Education Officer: Cat Dwyer

Careers Officer: Liana Misa

Social Officers: Monika Jarkiewicz and Tayla Yim-Loy

Public Relations Officer: Thoraya Abdul-Rassol

General Officers: Stephen Sharpe, Cathrine Grobler and Lushomo Thebe

2019 AGM Minutes and Reports: AGM Minutes 2019    WULSA AGM Reports

2018 Committee

President: Stephen Drysdale

Deputy-President: Myles Rollason

Treasurer: Quin Leong

Competitions Officers: Emma Speakman & Jamie Blackburn

Education Officers: Joseph Roberts & Tegan Quintal

Social Officers: Ben Wilkins & Wiremu Rhodes

Sports Officer: Ben Burton-McKenzie (until May 2018), Monika Jarkiewicz

Public Relations Officer: Bonnie Lewis

Careers Officer: Ashan Clark

2018 AGM Minutes: AGM Minutes 2018 

2017 Committee

President: Liam Whittaker

Deputy-President: Charley Lunt

Treasurer: Quin Leong

Competitions Officers: Abbey Trewavas & Jamie Blackburn

Education Officers: Bonnie Lewis & Jadin Hooper

Social Officers: Ben Wilkins & Charmaine Riley

Public Relations Officer: Emma Speakman

Sports & Societies Officer: Kale Isaac

General Officers: Angus Graham & Rebekah Manning

2017 AGM Minutes: 2017 AGM Minutes

2016 Committee

President: Kate Lunn

Deputy-President: William Lewis

Treasurer: Carl Brandt

Competitions Officers: Hyebin Han & Vanessa Goodman

Education Officers: Orion Douglas & Meg Lucas

Social Officers: Jim Law & Louise Ford

Public Relations Officer: Amelia Watson

Sports & Societies Officer: Emma Speakman

General Officers:

President’s AGM Report: AGM REPORT

2015 Committee

President: Robert West

Deputy-President: Vanshika Sudhakar

Treasurer: William Lewis/Abhay Singh

Competitions Officers: Tau Bio & Vanessa Goodman

Education Officers: Amelia Watson & Kate Lunn

Social Officers: Katia Holland & Ty Hart

Public Relations Officer: Sarah Hyde

Sports & Societies Officer: Lucy Grenfell

General Officers: Tala Sooupu, Emma Speakman, Hyebin Han

2015 AGM Minutes: AGM Minutes

2014 Committee

President: Arno Elsing

Deputy-President: Samara Roberts-Thompson

Treasurer: Matthew Kidd

Competitions Officers: Stephen Taylor

Education Officer: Robert West

Social Officer: Farbod Afdhar

Public Relations Officer: Jadeine McLeod

Sports & Societies Officer: Stevie Shaw

General Officers: Anna Carlaw & Vanshika Sudhakar

2013 Committee

President: Nicolette Barrett

Deputy-President: Arno Elsing

Treasurer: Stephen Taylor (until June 2013), Jamielle Clayton-Greene

Competitions Officer: Catherine Monckton

Education Officer: Michelle Chen

Social Officers: Ahmad Al-Shdidi & Corne Botha

Public Relations Officer: Moria Branhouse

Sports & Societies Officer: Jamielle Clayton-Greene

General Officers: Benji Glaser & Jaspreet Thind

2012 Committee

President: Mohammad Al Obaidi

Deputy-President: Alasdair Long

Treasurer: Alexandra Bell

Competitions Officers: Harpreet Wraich & Nicolette Barrett

Education Officer: Hoory Karnik

Social Officer: Jamielle Clayton-Greene

Public Relations Officer: Andrew Marama-Lyon

General Officers: Moria Pereyaslavets

Previous Presidents

Ashiq Hamid (2011)

Ben Gilbert (2010)

Richard Bracefield (2009)

Jeni Fountain (2008)

Seung Youn (2007)

Shannon Mills (2006)

Michelle Ormsby (2005)

Sam Gibb (2005)

Stephen Potter (2004)

Anthony Stephens (2003)

Aaron Dooney (2002)

Kirsty Luke (2001)

Sarah McCool (2000)

Liana Poutu, Titus Rahiri (1999)

Kathryn Chamberlain (1998)

Nathan Smith (1997)