The Waikato University Law Students’ Association (more affectionately known as WULSA) is a group run by law students, for law students. WULSA runs a number of events throughout the year to enhance your time at law school.

What’s on with WULSA?


Our AGM has arrived! The date has been released for Saturday 14th August @ 1pm in the IPLS Room (Law Faculty Building, Room N.3.01) – a little over two weeks from now! This post contains all of the most important information you need to know 😁


Our AGM flow will occur in this particular order:
  1. Opening karakia
  2. WULSA Report on the year
  3. Election process
  4. Nominations for 2022 positions
  5. Constitutional amendments
  6. General business
  7. Closing karakia


Our committee has worked hard to bring you some wholesome events throughout the year! We’ll provide a progress update about our roles and how our year has shaped up so far.


The Election will follow Part Six of the Constitution, and the Election Bylaw. We will provide an ‘Election Guide’ for candidates to abide by election rules and we will publish a ‘Candidates Guide’ for voters to follow candidates. The Returning Officers will be the President (Albert Lionheart) and a representative from the WSU (TaylaDee Kelly).
Elected positions for 2022:
The Exec:
  • President
  • Administrative Vice-President
  • Treasurer
Committee members:
  • Competitions Officer x 2
  • Social Officer x 2
  • Careers and Education Officer x 2
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Health and Wellbeing Officer


  • Only students currently enrolled in the LLB, LLB(Hons), Dip(Law), or a postgrad qualification under the Faculty of Law at Waikato are eligible to be nominated.
  • For the position of President, only students currently enrolled in the LLB or LLB(Hons) can be nominated.
  • Nominations will be taken at the AGM, and you can either nominate yourself or someone else. The nomination must be seconded at the AGM.
  • Law students who are not present at the AGM are eligible for nomination, so long as the President receives written notification of their intention to stand in absentia at least 24 hours before the date of the AGM. Any notifications sent to the President ahead of the election will be received in strict confidence.
  • Individuals may be nominated for up to two positions, but may not be nominated for more than one position on the Exec (which is made up of the President, AVP and Treasurer)
  • Candidates cannot campaign until 7am the day following the AGM.
  • For more info please feel free to email me at or Albert at


There are a significant number of changes required to correct our constitution and keep it robust. Please feel free to email me at with any suggestions. We will publish proposed amendments ahead of the AGM to allow them to be read 🙂

Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone there at the AGM 💛💛💛